The inception….

After dipping my toes into the indie film water for a couple years now, I’ve decided to dive right in.

I bought a Nikon D7000 last week and this blog is an attempt to document my work/exploration with it.

I was starting from scratch when purchasing my DSLR.  I had no preference to Canon or Nikon.  The decision was made for me a soon as I picked up the Canon 5D Mark II.  As my friend Seth put it, “it feels like an alien designed the user interface.”  The D700, on the other hand, fit me like a medium American Apparel t-shirt: perfectly.  It intuitively made sense in my hand.

In researching shooting movies on DSLR and and trying to educate myself on the web, everything I have encountered is in reference to Canon machines.  This blog is my frustrated reaction to that.  My hope is that in documenting my experiments with the D7000 it will be a resource for others who pick up this fantastic piece of equipment.

Here we go…..

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